The Fine Law Group, A Professional Corporation, was established in 2007, after Ms. Fine had already spent over twenty years in professional practice. Since then it has provided legal services to Clark County, Nevada, as well as to the surrounding counties of Nye and Lincoln.

We understand the difficulties faced by litigants and the need to resolve them proactively, effectively, reasonably and as quickly as possible. We support the concept of mediation and will assist those interested in working through that process. We also realize that some situations require an aggressive approach. We have the experience and expertise to effectively handle these kinds of cases as well. Our diverse background allows us to form unique relationships with each and every client.

We at The Fine Law Group will exceed your expectations by providing the highest caliber of legal representation with one-on-one personal service to help you get the results you desire. Individually, and when working as a team, Ms. Fine and Ms. Price have gained the respect of their peers.